Sunday, October 21, 2007

Box o Books.

it's so good to be home. travelling got old, really fast. off to NC, then MD, then i was home for 2 days, then in Indianapolis for a while. i'm happy to be home. and my review of M John Harrison's NovaSwing is online. Go check it out!

and Mom sent me a box of books! i love having a parent who works at a bookstore! now i just have to find space on my bookshelves for some of this stuff:

and speaking of bookcases, i had some film i needed to use up in my camera. my bookshelves are messy, and saggy:

i love books. too much fun. Just got Shadowmarch, by Tad Williams from the library. somepeople say his stuff is awesome, others say it's awful. i guess I'll find out!


Sandusky said...

hey sorry for the RJ hatin' post on the pics of the bookshelves at Haven. Someday I will drag out my many many boxes of books and post some pics.

Got any glazed apple recipes? It's my new food obsession. :D

sciffy kitchen elf said...

you could just open all the boxes, and take photos of the open boxes?

no worries on the RJ. i never got past book 1, it was just too annoying!

Glazed apples. . . like caramel covered apples, or tart tatin? or some totally new food obsession?