Saturday, December 1, 2007

To George R R Martin

Dear George R. R. Martin,

you seduced me with A Game of Thrones, and i became a true believer with the RRetrospecives (and Dreamsongs). but ser, i'm a little annoyed at you right now.

I'm half way through A Feast for Crows, and some of my favorite characters (I'm quite sure they are alive and kicking, or at least kicking) have yet to make an appearance. what gives? OK, so i understand lots of people lost heads and lives in the last few books. Must you introduce a new character for each one that dies? I was given 1,000 pages to fall in love with the Stark Family, to be with them on the first step of their individual hero quests and decide if i was interested in their destinies. I've had nearly four books to decide and redecide how i feel about the insane Lannister siblings. I've watched Daenerys grow into quite the woman, although my husband is convinced her character changed too fast (i disagree with him. she finally woke up) there are Stark children I want to track down, dragons i want to watch. I want to see who Daenerys ends up marrying (because i know she will) or at least hooking up with, and what's going ot happen to little Bran? but 300 pages+, and nary a mention of them.

can you really expect me to quickly fall in love with Asha, and Victarion, the Tyrell's, and Brienne (although Breinne is totally awesome), and others that i feel like i hardly know? I'm not sure I know these people very well yet. They came into the story fully formed, as adults. they already know the rules of the game of thrones. They were never innocents to start with. by default, their paths will be less painful, their safety less valued, their destiny less earned.

i realize there is more going on in Westeros and the Free Cities than the trials of the Stark family. Who but Jon Snow will save Westeros from winter? Who but Bran will see the path? and who but Daenarys will bind it all together? (and who the heck is Jon's mother???)

ok, I'm done whining now. just thought you should know how i feel, and what i'm thinking. thanks. i'm sure by the time i get to the end of Feast for Crows I'll love it as much as I loved the previous novels. . . but i'm a little annoyed right now. I feel like my favorite characters have abandoned me.


gotta switch gears, or i'm going to bitch and whine all afternoon, and never get anymore reading done. if you didn't come here for scifi/fantasy talk, you came here for food.

i've decided i need to learn to make more side dishes, because a hunk of meat with some sauce does not make a meal. and this dish combines onions and honey, two foods i love with a passion.

Onions and Carrots with Honey.

1/2 cup honey
1 cup water
1 package pearl onions (20-30 onions)
16 oz baby carrots, sliced length wise
pinch salt
1/2 tsp coriander

how to skin pearl onions:
boil in a few cups water for a few minutes. drain, and rinse with cold water. as soon as the onions are cool enough to handle, chop the ends off, and push the interior parts out through the end. sounds weird, works like a charm.

in a saucepan bring one cup water and honey to a boil. when it has reduced by half, add the onions and carrots and salt. bring back to a boil, then simmer until most of the remaining water has evaporated, about 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. stir in the coriander, and serve hot.

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