Wednesday, March 5, 2008

gotta read Stross twice

half way through Stross's Accelerando, and i've put it down. it's an excellent book, but the library had Stross's Halting State, and i just couldn't resist grabbing it off the "new releases" shelves.

the book is written in 2nd person singular (you did this, you did that. . . ), which mixed with a plot about gaming, gives the impression of a first person shooter experience. this is good. taking place in Scotland, most of our main characters blend english with scotish phonetic slang. this isn't so good. a glossary of scottish slang would be nice. plenty of insane plot twists, that in hind sight, make perfect sense, and i'm sure there is some crazy fun violence to be had before the book is done. but i'm so busy figuring out what the slang and the 75-cent cyberpunk words mean that i'm not enjoying myself as much as i'd like. feels a little like my first time reading Accelerando. oh, i get it. read it twice.

i'm also the proud owner of Martin's A Game of Thrones, the first book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, and Robert Heinlien's The Cat Who Walks Through Walls. One day i will own every Heinlien book out there! (and probably every Martin book as well, but that's a pretty realistic goal).

might be offline for a while, i have a big family wedding this weekend. Did you ever see "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? yeah, it's like that.

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