Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thrown together tuna salad

where is that line between "recipe", and "something you throw together"? making tuna salad isn't a "recipe", but it's quick, easy, and the husband can't figure out how i throw it together in less than 10 minutes.

2 cans tuna, drained
one celery stick, finely chopped
about 4 inches of cucumber, seeded and chopped
one green onion, chopped
about 2 tbsp capers
one heaping tbsp mayonaise
couple drops lemon juice
about a teaspoon white wine, if you happen to have any in the fridge
chopped hard boiled egg, if you remembered to make hard boiled eggs the night before, and managed not to eat them all. (this has happened to me. i'm an egg addict)

blend all ingredients. layer in a pita with lettuce / tomato / cucumber / whatever else you want. easy quick yummy dinner. no stove or oven required.

see? that's not really a recipe, it's just something that's been thrown together.

but netxt time i'll post a real recipe, i promise. this weekend i'm trying my Mom's famous "Forgotten Cookies". they are a merangue base, and i've never made them by myself before. this will be a practice desert for passover.

hmmm. . . books . . . can't say i've read anything monumental lately. Read Jumper, yeah, the one they made a movie of, with the kid from the new Star Wars. but it's not a new book, it was originally published in 1992. After I finished the book, i hit the IMDB page of the movie, to see how the movie differed from the book. let's just say they differ a LOT. book review will be published in a few weeks, and then i can talk about it in more detail.

i just started reading Steven Brust's The Book of Jhereg. i'm still getting my land legs when it comes to fantasy, and i don't have much experience reading stories where the main protaganist is a hired killer. maybe this qualifies as a "boy-book"? and is it "Brust", or "Broost"? anyway, i've heard good things, and at 90 pages in, i may not be crazy impressed, but i am happy. the fact that i'd rather be reading this book than watching tv says a lot. but i'm not foregoing sleep for it.

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