Sunday, May 18, 2008


i've been on hiatus for a little while. . . and i'm going to stay on hiatus a little while longer until a)work slows down enough that i can actually finish a book in under 3 weeks, b)i have the time and energy to actually cook something worth talking about, and c)hiatus is such a funny word, i wonder where it came from?

a ha! Online Etymology Dictionary to the rescue: haitus comes from "Latin, hiare, ," from hiare "to gape, stand open." Sense of "gap or interruption in events, etc."" (is a link and quote marks enough to credit a portion of a sentence you rip directly from another website? i don't want to get in trouble for plagarizing something off the internet, the last bastion of open source-ness. . . )

what is this "busy time at work" i speak of? we describe it as Christmas meets the Superbowl, and it last 4-5 weeks. so i should be back in the swing of things in another 2 weeks or so. see you then.

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