Monday, March 9, 2009

two new reviews up

Yay, new book reviews have been posted on SFRevu! and even better, these were actually good books! if you'll forgive the lack of grammar check. . .

Duke Elric volume 4, by Michael Moorcock. This is the new printing, with spiffy new artwork, a handful of essay/short stories at the end, and as usual in the universe of Michael Moorcock, highly satisfying. i can't say enough good things about his Elric.

Prophets, book 1, by S. Andrew Swann. I thought it had a rough start, but the book gets much better as it goes along. it would have helped if i'd read the handful of Swann books that take place before this one. but still, it was a good time.

hmmm. . . more updates later, i promise.

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