Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I have received the holy grail, and I am bragging about it to everyone I know!


and I got the ARC of the second too! (I just didn't have it with me at work, when I took the photo). Stay tuned for reviews on SFRevu later in the fall. So far, I'm most impressed by the apparent retail of these books, less than $30 each, and about 700 pages. If you are looking for that perfect gift to keep your husband/wife/child/sibling/cousin/friend out of your hair for a good long white, this is it.

and I also got the ARC for the new M.John Harrison, Nova Swing. It's a psuedo-sequel to Light (and the covers of both books are negative opposites of each other, which is just the coolest thing. I need to post a photo of the books next to each other, so you can see it in all it's glory). He writes so. . . halucinagenically. A nice contrast to Martin, don't you think?

i'm gonna go dive in my Martin.


Sandusky said...

Good to see you tooting Martin. Did you read the rest of ASoIaF yet?

sciffy kitchen elf said...

Martin rocks my world. i just finished book 2 of a SoIaF.