Thursday, August 2, 2007

Vellum, or not.

I made it 70 pages into Hal Duncan's Vellum, and decided the weird threshold was more than even I could handle. it's going back to the library, and maybe I'll give it another try next year. when i'm more mature, or something.

next on the "to be read" pile was Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Holy shit is it depressing! i've been reading a lot of action-adventury type stuff lately, so this is quite the departure. it took some getting used to. I couldn't put the book down last night. . . it's like a trainwreck, i can't look away.

just got my ARC of M.L. Bushman's Miracle, it is her first novel. small press, has an eagle on the cover. i'll keep you posted.

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