Saturday, January 19, 2008

random thoughts

plently of randomness going on today. it's like one of those link sections on Whitney Matheson's Blog that i love so much.

A. posted a review of Matthew Peterson's Paraworld Zero here. i hope if they ever do another press run, or Peterson gets hooked up with a larger publisher, they put some better cover art on that thing. and if my only complaint is the cover art, than it's got to be pretty decent. and it was. except for all the god stuff. there wasn't much god stuff, just enough to annoy me, in my evil atheistic ways. if your kid likes Star Wars or Harry Potter, they are going to have a ball with this.

B. The culling of the list. i culled my MySpace friend list from about 200, down to 42. if i can't figure out how i know you, you got culled. i'm feeling old. and junk mail bulletins from strangers wasn't making me feel any younger.

C. i bought whole wheat flour! now what can i do with this stuff? i made the basic whole wheat bread recipe on the back of the container, and it came out pretty bleh. nice texture, but had all the attitude of cardboard.

D. found a new resale shop in town. god i love these places. and i bought a cute "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory" t-shirt for a few bucks. probably made in China. at the expense of the air quality in California. go read this article in Mother Jones.

E. to feel better, i bought some manga, and a bread cookbook. hopefully now i can figure out what do with the remaining four pounds of whole wheat flour. Although i did have to push my way through the throng of canoodling teenagers and tweens in front of the manga/graphic novel section at B&N. get out of my way! old married woman needs her fix! and the losers didn't even have the volume i was looking for. I ended up at the locally run, locally owned comic shop down the street. i should really just go there first. they've got friendlier cashiers, too.

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Matthew Peterson said...

Howdy! I'm pretty sure I read the review you wrote elsewhere ( -- that was you, wasn't it?), but in your blog you put the link at

but I couldn't ever see the review there. Was there another place you might have posted the review? Thanks!