Saturday, April 25, 2009

got the garden started. . . and that's all i did.

well, the part time working thing (leaving plenty of time to read & cook!) has turned into a full time+ working thing for a few months (leaving hardly any time to read and cook). the money is nice (means more books and kitchen gadgets!), but i miss my free time.

that said, i don't think any interesting cooking has gone in my house in the last 2 weeks.

readng wise, picked up a copy of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, but haven't had a chance to start reading it yet. I remember seeing the movie when it came out, but the only thing i remember is the lady doing voodoo in the middle of the night, during the witching hour - 30 minutes before midnight is for good magic, and the 30 minutes after midnight is for evil magic.

I sure was surpised to find this book in the american history part of the library.

looking to the summer, the garden got started this morning - tomato, lettuce, and basil seeds went in. I used old egg cartons with holes punched in the bottom as seed starters. once the seeds germinate and get an inch or so high, i'll put them in the big planters. that buys me 2 weeks or so to get the old nasty planters cleaned out and get some good dirt.

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