Tuesday, April 21, 2009

too many books, not enough time.

Again, i'm splitting books and food into two separate posts. Becoming a habit? Perhaps.

I finally, finally, finally got my hands on a copy of Scott Lynch's second Gentlemen Bastard book Red Seas Under Red Skies. I told my husband if he wakes up one morning and I'm gone, it means I've driven to Wisconsin (or wherever Lynch lives out there) to demand he finish writing the next book in the series. These books are pure, unadultered, guilty pleasure FUN in an 1800's-ish not-Venice and now not-South Seas. Think Casanova meets Ocean's 11, except Locke Lamora makes Danny Ocean and Casanove look like idiots. Red Skies isn't what I expected, and is more about Jean than Locke, but that's turning out to be okay. Jean spent most of the first book being a side kick, and now that he's in the spotlight, I can see that he deserves it. When I say Red Skies isn't quite as good as the first book, it means it's only a 9 out of 10, instead of a 12 out of 10.

I need to quit going to the University Library, because I keep getting the fascinating yet impossible to read books there. It's been a week, and i'm barely 60 pages into my early supreme court book. It's dry, it's boring, it's actually really fascinating, and it's going to take me forever to finish it. I wonder if they have the next book in that series?

Too many books, not enough time. My employment has gone from part time to full time for a little while, which is nice, but totally eats into reading time. And soon it will be gardening time, which is nicer. I am going to get those lettuce seeds planted this week if it kills me! That means it better not snow or I will be really pissed off. After lettuce is tomatoes, then herbs. I'll be eating tomatoes off the vine for breakfast in july!

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Omphalos said...

What Supreme Court book are you reading? I recomment the sections on the Supreme Court in John Stewart's America.

Seriously though, I can help you with recommendations if you want to read some good books about that Court.