Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Perfect Pita Project, Part II

Made Pita again, with mixed results. Same recipe as before, same timing for rises.

Good Stuff: No Sticking! did the 2nd & 3rd rises on parchment paper, and when I was ready to bake, I just slipped the parchment paper right onto the cookie sheet.

Bad News: got pockets in less than half the breads, and the taste was a little blah, probably due to the little bit of flour i sprinkled on when the breads were rising.

What have I learned? maybe this recipe isn't the best, and i'm thinking the author of the cookbook left out a few steps that he probably thought were intuitive. damn it, that's what i have the internet for. After looking at about a dozen recipes, my recipe seems to be lacking the following:

- dough rolled out really thin before baking
- baking stone or baking sheet needs to be preheated inside the oven
- spray the breads with water right before they go into the oven

The best recipe and technique advise seemed to come from Smitten Kitchen, so I will be trying their recipe as soon as I can. Also, her recipe says the dough can rise overnight in the fridge, meaning i can do it the night before, and only need to fuss with the bread for an hour or so in the morning.

friday bread baking? here I come!

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