Friday, June 12, 2009

the perfect pita project, part one

ohh, nice alliteration!

Pita bread has so much going for it - tastes good, smells good, and you can fill it will just about anything, hot or cold! i ask you, what other kinds of breads are as versatile? yeah, i didn't think so!

now, if only i could get the pocket thing to happen right. I made a batch this morning, which although very tasty, had more the consistency of very tender dinner rolls than being hollow in the center. i tore out the centers, ate 'em, then filled 'em with tuna salad. was very tasty.

the plan is to try again tomorrow on Sunday and see if i can't improve my technique.

I'm pretty happy with the recipe, so that's not the problem, as far as I know.

The after action report for this mornings batch:

1. Made dough, followed recipe to the letter.
2. 2nd rise was on a floured baking sheet. instead of sandwiching balls between wax paper to roll out, i floured them and a rolling pin and rolled out that way, shaking off excess flour when i was done.
3. 3rd rise was on a lightly floured kitched table. BAD idea!! after it rose the last time, the little balls of dough stuck to the table and i had to "pizza peel" them off with a large spatula. it was not pretty. i think this was what killed the pockets.
4. Baked following recipe instructions. Most pitas rose beautifully in the over, looked pillowy and perfect. smelled great too.
5. sliced one in half to find no pocket inside. :(

the plan for next time: do third rise (final dough balls) on small squares of parchment paper, so i can just lift via the paper onto the baking sheet. also, might flour the dough balls more when i roll them out. you can always shake off excess flour later.

supposedly, if i've done this right, the flattened dough with poof up in the oven (the air pocket filling with hot air & expanding) and then collapse as it cools. the ones I made this morning never collapsed, because they were pretty solid inside.

stay tuned for part two of the perfect pita project!

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