Saturday, January 23, 2010

This is what Manga Heaven looks like

what i would give to own a digital camera right now!! then i could show my you nearly sky high stack of manga that I've purchased in the last week.

What's the one good thing about all the comic/gaming/bookstores getting way in over their heads in the manga craze? Now it's all on sale. People keep asking me why I don't go to B&N to buy all this stuff, because "of course" they have it:

1. B&N isn't so good about carrying early issues in long running series. With 87 issues of Fruit's Basket, Naruto, and Negima, that there isn't much room left for more interesting stuff.

2. I'd rather give my $$ to independently run businesses. Even if I have to drive further.

and now, for the list of new goodies:

Read or Die volumes 2 & 3, by Shutaro Yamada. They had some Read or Dream (the sisters) too, but no one seems to have volume one of that series.
Fullmetal Alchemist Vol 22 by Hiromu Arakawa. Wow she's coming out with these later issues fast! Good, because I'm kinda ready for a final showdown.
Nana, vol 3 by Ai Yazawa. I just can't get enough of Ms Yazawa. Why her earlier stuff hasn't been translated into English, I'll never know. We were about to check out at the store when husband says "look at all the Nana they have, that you don't have!" jerk.
Blade of the Immortal, vol 1, by Hiroaki Samura. I've heard good things about this series, but other than that, don't know a thing about it. The artwork is less cartoony, more artsy, which is very refreshing.
Basilisk, vol 1, by Futaro Yamada & Masaki Segawa. They ran the anime on TV a few years ago, and since I kept missing episodes, It was impossible to keep track of all the characters in the Fuedal love story. Kind of Fuedal Japan meets Romeo & Juliet? The really nice thing about Manga vs Anima - if you forget who someone is, you can always go back a few pages!
Ludwig II, by You Higuri. It has two very handsome gentlemen on the cover, and the blurb on the back promises a historic backdrop for the story of King Ludwig II of Bavaria's trials and tribulations with love and loss. After I read it, husband asks "It's got a lot of history, right?" Sure. sure it does. Rated M for Mature.

I need another manga shelf. in fact, I need an entire bookcase for just my comics.

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