Monday, January 4, 2010

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I meant to do this a few days ago, but we were out of town. 2009 was a record year for recipe posts, thanks to new contributor Second Redhead in The Kitchen, a.k.a. my sister.

In an attempt to organize. . . .

Second redhead in the kitchen's yummy stuff (Vegetarian friendly? Check! Kosher friendly? Check! Yeahhh!)
Applesauce Kugel
Broccoli & Mushroom Kugel
Potato & Zucchini Kugel
Apricot Kugel
Traditional Sweet & Buttery kugel
Quinoa Pilaf
Cranberry Walnut Pasta
Baked Squash #1
Matzah Cheese Casserole
Baked Squash #2
Honey Buttermilk Cornbread
Cranberry CousCous
Tagliatelle with Mushrooms
Pinwheel Pasta Bake
Pasta with Roasted Sweet Peppers
Cheesy Pepper Bake
Lasagnette with cauliflower & broccoli
Baked Penne w/Roasted Veggies
Baked Caprese Salad
Fried Ravioli
Baked Cheesy Tortellini
Pasta w/Tomatoes & Peas

Recipes from the Original Redhead in the kitchen

recipes of 2009 that blew my mind
How to make Bagels
Morrocan Beef Stew
The Best Lemon Chicken
The Best Fried Rice
Jerk Chicken w/Beans & Rice
Harira I can not get enough of this!!
My Mom's awesome Hannukah Potato Latkes
Hannukah Gelt
Pasta with Keibasa

and the infamous Pita project Part 1a, Part 1b,Part 2, and Part 3.

everything else
Kidney Beans with Tomatoes
Easy Berry Cobbler
Sort of Southwestern Rice
Holiday Stollen Bread
Date & Orange Salad
Easy Beans & Rice
Chicken Carbonara
Mushroom & Potato Casserole
Chocolate Walnut Cookies
Spinach & Potato Passover Casserole
Cardamom Apple Cake
Easy Summer salad #1
Easy Summer Salad #2
Sweet Potatoes w/Honey Soy Glaze
Greenbeans w/Breadcrumbs
Easy Decadent Chicken Salad
Corn Chowder, improved
Puttanesca Sauce

Nice. now I'm gonna go eat some muffins.

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