Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ye Olde Roundup.

mmmm.... december. vacations from work, cookies, new years party, presents, all the good (and awful) movies on tv, the sounds of the snowplow in the morning. does life get any better?

maybe it does, but not today. time to round up all the tasty stuff from the last year. and it makes a handy directory when i'm looking for stuff too! There are probably some duplicates from last year (or recipes that look like duplicates, but are either improvements, or totally different), but i'm cool wit that.

1. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
2.Ginger Snaps (scroll way down to the bottom)
3.Mexican Sweet Pork Stew
4.Caper Chicken (not caper as in 30's style crime movie)
5.Mom's Lukshen Kugel
6.Lentil Barley Stew
7. Barley Chorizo Pie
9. My favorite tuna salad
10. Forgotten Cookies
11. Marinated Mushrooms
12.Zucchini Gratin
13.Matzah Ball Soup
14. Egyptian Rice/Tasty Mud
15.Fruit Tarts
17.Carrot Salad with Olives
18. Summer Pesto Pasta
19. Chorizo Beefaroni
20. Turkish Lamb Pilaf
21.Peach Cobbler
22.Mushroom Barley Casserole
23.Green Jumbalaya
25.Corn Salsa
26.Corn Chickpea Salad
27.Vegetable Potato Soup
28.Zucchini Bread
29.Almost Awesome Focaccia
30.Mom's Apple Crisp
31.Corsican Beef Stew
32.Risotto Primavera
33. Better Mac and Cheese
34.Fettucini alla Papalina
35.Bacon Wrapped Turkey Roll Part of the Thanksgiving extravaganza!
36.Corn Pudding
37.The Best Pumpkin Pie
38.The Best Pumpkin Apple Bread
39.Chicken 'n Chickpeas (I loves me some chickpeas!)
40.Turkey Schnitzel (I loves me some fried anything!)
41.Caper Lemon Salsa

Wow, i did a lotta salsas. and a lot of chickpea stuff.

So that's ye olde yearly round up. I met my goal, which was to post more recipes than last year (only 34). Maybe next year, i'll actually rate the recipes, so you can know which ones are good, and which ones to skip because they need major improvement. In the next few days i'll do Ye Olde books Round Up, and the blog turns two years old on Jan 1st! yay!

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