Saturday, November 21, 2009

Freakonomics is not a gateway drug to the Twili ght series.

although I'm sure the Freakonomics boys could find some kind of connection between people who enjoy vampire fiction and something interesting and useless. Without a glance at the first freakonomics book, I finished their second book, Superfreakonomics. the book was somewhat funny, interesting, but ultimately kind of useless. The chapter on global climate change was the only area that kept my interest. as far as books go, it was nothing special, but it would be great airport/airplane reading.

and you never know, it could be a gateway drug to the Twilight series.

speaking of vampires, finished Soulless. it started out a fun little gaslight action book with a little bit of cute attemps at flirting between Miss Tarrabotti (who has no soul and is therefore immune to all supernatural creatures) and Lord Maccon (who is a werewolf). They both like each other, but are too stubborn to admit it, and too Victoriana proper to tell each other how they feel. So plenty of social faux pas humor and machinations by Maccon to get the two of them in a room alone together. There is some what of a plot - registered vampires are dissapearing and unregistered vampires are showing up out of nowhere, and it's up to Lord Maccon to figure out what's going on, possibly with Miss Tarrabotti's help. about half way through the novel, the action and mystery style plot line takes a backseat to the romance.

and i'm not really a fan of romance novels, and this got too close to that for me.

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