Tuesday, April 13, 2010

shoulda woulda coulda.

don't you hate it when the day after you make a delicious dish, you realize you could have had a crazy easy side dish that would have gone so perfectly. . . if only you'd thought to make it?

made some fantastically delicious Burgundy Chicken last night. Five minutes or so of prep time, brown chicken on the stove, saute shallots, simmer chicken and shallots in white wine for about an hour, then remove chicken and stir in heavy cream & grapes. thicken the sauce, serve over the chicken. one of the tastiest easiest recipes I know.

and it gave me hour to make a side dish. so what did I do? I threw some bland freezer burned frozen veggies into the microwave. sure, there was some vitamins in there someplace, but they were bland and uninspired.

Had me some delicious burgundy chicken leftovers for lunch at work today, and it hit me. Why did I not make mashed potatoes to go with this? the pan sauce would have been sublimely perfect with mashed potatoes!!!

there's some more burgundy chicken in the fridge.  and i have two big white potatoes that need to be eaten.

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